January 10, 2011

January 10-17th FEATURE WAHM

We would like to introduce you to the Beautiful, Talented, Amazing: 

Lala (Layla) 

 Please run over and tell her You & Eebie say "HI" The Bronze Willow

 Our Eebie Baby Interview with Lala:

Q: Who is LaLa? 
A: Now, this is a loaded question! If you would've asked me this 2 years ago, I would've been completely clueless. Now?  I can proudly proclaim I am finally the person I was meant to be all along, the person I was searching for all these years...I am finally, after many struggles, a mother. Some people don't want to be defined by roles, but I welcome this one with open arms! I'm also a creator. I love to make things and there's no greater compliment than for someone to enjoy something I've created. I'm quirky with a sarcastic sense of humor that sometimes doesn't go over quite as well as I had hoped, so I apologize ahead of time. ;) There you have it: I'm a quirky, sometimes sarcastic, tender-hearted Mommy that likes to make things and always has a few projects in the works! Although I have a blast creating things for you to enjoy, I take it very seriously. It is my ultimate goal for everyone to adore every single product they ever purchase from me. 

Q: What products can we find and can you describe a few to us? 
A: Oh goodness...there's no telling what I'll have available at any given time but the core of my business revolves around scented products. I started out making soy wax tarts/melts/disks/blobs of wax and that lead to my fabulous hanging air fresheners, soy candles and various home fragrance items. Somewhere along the way, I began to make jewelry and added a full line of bath & body products as well as palm wax tarts. I've recently begun to sew, make hair bows and am excited about the custom picture frames I've made as gifts. I'm sure you'll see some of those soon! 

Q: Where are you located on a map,  And who do you live with? 
A: I was born and raised here in North Carolina (Go Tar Heels!!) and live with my handsome, patient husband and beautiful, if I do say so myself, little girl. 

Q: Any new products coming out? 
A:   Why, of course! I'm working on some magnetic air fresheners that are perfect for lockers. Can't hang it? Stick it! I have new soap poufs coming up and possibly a few decor items or hair bows as well. You just never know what's going to show up around here - the wheels are always turning! For example, I can't get the image of a pink and red ribbon wreath out of my head for Valentine's Day, so that's next on my "crafty list." 

Q: Why did you decide to make the items you do, and turn them into a business?
A:  I've always wanted to make candles. Always. An online friend sent me a pound of wax, a bottle of fragrance oil, a few tart-making instructions and I was hooked! I wasn't looking to start a business but I certainly wasn't going to turn it down when people began emailing me their orders. :) Six years later, here I am and loving every second of it! 

Q: If you could send your customers to one place to know the information about scents and colours of your smellies, where would you send them?

So, where can you find The Bronze Willow?  


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