January 24, 2011

Hi guys!!! Or should I say LADIES !!! :) :)

I am working on a few reviews and one of them is absolutely super duper special to me in so many ways I cant describe.  

What reviews would you like to see here?  I would love some feedback please.  I am thinking of doing a couple linked pages with CLOTH DIAPERING 101 so anyone can find all the info they need when researching.  Sound good?  

I cant tell my secrets, but I bought an awful lot of materials the past couple days and I also bought a new sewing machine because the one I got for Christmas was ummmm not so great.  But this new one---- OHH YEAHH~~~~~~~~~

I wanted to introduce you to a new business associate of mine.  Her name is Erin and she is the owner & creator of Earthly Remedies.  Her products are composed of all natural ingredients and are all hand-made of course.  Currently we are taking orders for her Baby's Butt Wash, Baby's Butt Balm, and Baby's Butt Wash refill solution concentrate.  These are all products that coincide with what we here at Eebie Baby are trying to achieve, and that is a well rounded, safe, green option and home-made as much as possible.  We are also taking orders for her 'Room & Body' sprays.  You can find out more about Erin by clicking on her sponsor button down the left side of this page.  
So in essence, I want to welcome Erin to the Eebie Baby family, and I'd like you all to do the same if you will :)


~ Rachael


Kelsey said...

Have you tried Eco Sprouts Detergent? I would love to see a review of it. Im trying to find a new detergent for my little girls diapers and just happened across them online. They look new and interesting?

EebieBaby said...

Hi Kelsey, great question!

I have not tried that brand out. However, ECO NUTS are on our list of inventory in the near future, as well as a special mama's home-made eco nuts!!!

I will check into them though, I have seen there name around lately :) That must be a good thing :)

Kelsey said...

Oh good cause Eco Nuts was the other I was struggling with! I want to try all three, those, Eco sprouts, and Rockin Green. You mentioned yesterday you were going to give out some Rockin Green Samples? I didnt see where the info was to come and win them? Are you going to redo the giveaway? I want to be there to try and get a sample!

EebieBaby said...

It is 3.50 shipping. samples are free. email me at customer.service@eebiebaby.com and I will get back to you with what kinds I have left. :)