December 28, 2010

How was everyone's Holidays? Ours was quiet and loving!  I spent some of it sick, and not in the traditional way either.  We still dont know what went wrong, but it wasn't the flu or a cold.  I am still recovering and exhausted.  I just looked over to my husband who says " He bit me".  I burst out laughing.  What?  Apparently my son bit him in the lip when he went in for a kiss.  Random!!! but funny!!!

So, Eebie Baby has decided to fall back to our roots a bit more and kick start the New Year with full on REVIEWS , GIVE-AWAYS & Promotional fun! We are still going to carry products and promote our favourite products, but we are going to focus primarily on our blogging & reviews. Input? Talk to me! What do you want to see us doing? Eebie Baby has a new feature on our FACEBOOK PAGE, we are hosting a WEEKLY FEATURE for one wonderful business, wahm, designer, or what-have-you. If you or someone you know creates something or has a fantastic business that needs promoting please contact us at or use the CONTACT TAB to fill out the form!  It's FREE!!!

Our Website is still under construction and I swear I want nothing to do with building one once it is done.  I had just gotten used to Zen Cart to end up switching over to Wordpress and I am lost all over again.  I miss my Zen, I have to admit.   

Cheers to an incredible New Years- and stay tuned because we have a wicked cool give-away being hosted with one of our sister sites this week!!!!

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