February 27, 2011

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February 21, 2011


Hello my wonderful blog members!!!!  Can you believe we are almost done February? How did this happen????   I swear every day I have more gray hair (yes GRAY HAIR) and I blink and the day is finished.  It leaves me constantly asking myself  ' Did I make the most of today?', and often I still feel like the answer is "NO".  I think I have to re-think what a day should mean in the life of a WAHM with a toddler because I keep being told I am trying to do too much and cant juggle it all. We'll see!! ;-)

So, I'm writing to see who is paying attention. I have 125 members here on this blog, and I'd like every single one of you to reply to this post.  I have a secret that ONLY you 125 members are going to get to have a chance at first, but to do this, I need you all to comment with a way to contact you. If you DO NOT feel comfortable leaving your email, please use the contact us tab above and Send your information through there.  IT IS REALLY important you get into contact with me asap!!!!  You have 2 days!!!  

<3 <3 <3 Let's see who is paying attention.  And if anyone knows other people listed here, you might want to give them the heads up <3 <3 <3

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February 15, 2011

Happy Little Toes ( Baby Shoe Review)

Happy Feet... How's about some Happy Little Toes????

First I want to introduce you to Jen at Happy Little Toes.Please go visit them and give a big Eebie hug & love, join their page and grab up some awesome shoes!!        HAPPY LITTLE TOES

Jen Siew is a stay at home mom of two wonderful children ages 4 and 2. She started Happy Little Toes in 2009 in hopes to provide the best leather shoes to her customers. Jen started selling in Orange County Marketplace, building a face book fan page in September 2010 and launched her retail website in January 2011.  When I asked Jen what her products were all about, she had this to say: Moms and kiddos love our products because the shoes are soft, light and flexible. The feedback from our moms is all positive and our sales have grown steadily.  Happy Little Toes Mission is: Providing the comfiest shoes and best service to our customers at a reasonable price. 


Eebie Baby's Review on Happy Little Toes 
I remember it like it was yesterday... I was browsing around on facebook and I saw someone post the most adorable pair of shoes.  I "HAD" to run over to take a look.  It was love at first site.  The pictures are  incredible quality and are very well done, but nothing AND I MEAN NOTHING prepared me for the real deal.  But we'll get to that in a minute.  I browsed around on FB, but didn't see anywhere to go buy. So I wrote on a picture (C'mon, we all do it...right?....right?) Within minutes Jen wrote back.  Of course, at that time I had no idea her name, and I felt referring to her as Happy Little Toes might be a bit over the top...I keep hearing Happy Feet music in my head (more on that in a moment too).  SO. I went to their website, and thought I'd order a pair of shoes, but I was having a problem.  There didn't seem to be many in my toddler son's size, so I wrote Jen and asked for some assistance.  Prompt, to the point, friendly and helpful are all words I would use to describe her approach with me. I clicked PAY NOW & didn't look back.  Shipping was super fast, less than a week and I hardly even had those babies out of the box when the 'lil guy was trying to put them on.  I banged the shoe against the wall to make it squeak to show him what it could do. OH-RIGHT- Did I forget to mention these are all Squeaker's ??????  How could I have forgotten!!!  But parents, don't be deterred, they have an easy to remove squeaker that can transform those loud obnoxious shoes on mommy's 'bad days' to quiet lil stompers.  My son bashed his shoe squeaking on every surface he could find, maybe I should have shown him to just put them on instead...   Some pics and a short video clip on YOUTUBE of our 'Lil Guy enjoying his Happy Little Toes:


 Over All impression: Love. Not just like. But LOVE. They are very well made, and the first thing I noticed was the width. Baby feet are chubby and naturally wide, and most of us have the hardest time fitting our kids feet, but not with these! My son has to wear a wide or bigger in shoes- and these fit him with room to spare.  The insides are buttery soft, and the shoe's leather is nice and soft, bending and moving with your baby! 
Pro's & Con's:  It's all pro's for me. I have no complaints, and would love to be a repeat buyer.  The price is right, the shipping was fantastic, and the quality is just as I expected it to be and more.  The only con I could assume for some people is the squeaker, but that's a super easy fix, in fact here is a quick tutorial on how to remove it:
1. Locate the squeakers on the shoes

2. Pull out the squeakers evenly from the shoes

3. Here you go. No more noise! :-)

*To re-enable the squeaker sound, do 3-2-1