January 12, 2011

Nifty Nappy is going out of Business

I took a few days to let it really sink in that my favourite WAHM business is going out of Business! I still dont know how to feel, and I wont even pretend I didn't shed a few tears. I haven't known Nifty Nappy long,and I consider myself very blessed to have been a part of their company even if is was at the very end. Vilate, owner of Nifty Nappy's had to make the undesirable decision to close their doors to cooperate with the new CPSIA ruling that is going to be affecting a LOT of wahm business' if they produce any products for children under the age of 12! Vilate promise's this isn't the last of her, and we'll be seeing her around, I believe that for sure!!! So, as a new retailer for NIFTY NAPPY I want to introduce our personalized Nifty Nappy Shopping Cart. You will be able to get your NN fix before their doors close. All instructions are listed here on this post, as well as in each product so there is NO misunderstandings. 


* All Nifty Nappy products are available at this time 

* All items are a custom order at this time, and as long as the fabric has not sold out, its yours! Please remember it is being custom made for you so it may take 4-8 weeks to actually receive your items, well worth it :) 

* Shipping is not calculated and listed as (free) until I receive your items. You are required to pay SHIPPING when I package and weigh them so that you only pay the exact amount. I will invoice you when I have your exact shipping amount. *** there are no exceptions to this except in town pick up or drop off , we are located in Edson Alberta ***

* 5 % discount on entire order for all new customers only! *** OFFER ENDS January 19th 2011****
* Buy 5 or more diapers, and get a woolie for a discounted price ( 10.00 %) ***OFFER ENDS January 19th 2011****

These diapers are the most amazing diapers I have ever used. Anyone I know who has them, cant live without them.  They are top of the line, excellent in every way and cute to boot! You just have to own at least one Nifty Nappy item (but I dont know how you'll stop at one)

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