December 28, 2010

How was everyone's Holidays? Ours was quiet and loving!  I spent some of it sick, and not in the traditional way either.  We still dont know what went wrong, but it wasn't the flu or a cold.  I am still recovering and exhausted.  I just looked over to my husband who says " He bit me".  I burst out laughing.  What?  Apparently my son bit him in the lip when he went in for a kiss.  Random!!! but funny!!!

So, Eebie Baby has decided to fall back to our roots a bit more and kick start the New Year with full on REVIEWS , GIVE-AWAYS & Promotional fun! We are still going to carry products and promote our favourite products, but we are going to focus primarily on our blogging & reviews. Input? Talk to me! What do you want to see us doing? Eebie Baby has a new feature on our FACEBOOK PAGE, we are hosting a WEEKLY FEATURE for one wonderful business, wahm, designer, or what-have-you. If you or someone you know creates something or has a fantastic business that needs promoting please contact us at or use the CONTACT TAB to fill out the form!  It's FREE!!!

Our Website is still under construction and I swear I want nothing to do with building one once it is done.  I had just gotten used to Zen Cart to end up switching over to Wordpress and I am lost all over again.  I miss my Zen, I have to admit.   

Cheers to an incredible New Years- and stay tuned because we have a wicked cool give-away being hosted with one of our sister sites this week!!!!

December 19, 2010


I recently had the chance to meet someone very special and have her share her unique home-made talents with me and I would like to introduce y'all to her!
Please say Hi to: 
  Ashlee A.K.A  The Green Goose !! 

The Eebie Interview:

Q: Where do you live in this big ole world? 
A: My family and I live in a small rural town in Northern Texas 

Q: Where do these natural products and idea's stem from? 
A: I began making my products because my husband and I strive to replace disposable things in our life, with reusable options. the more sustainable we are, the better :D I love to craft, and decided to see what I could knock out on my own.. and once I got going,I thought,maybe if I offered them at a reasonable price and they were more affordable, I could help more families find their way to a greener life.

Q: I am now very keen to find out, what is it that you make???
A: I make ( Dryer Balls, Soap Socks, Knit Bows, Knit Baby Blocks, Ouchie Bags that are heat/cold therapy bags, Booger Busters that are a washable Minky Fabric for sore noses, Knit Scrubbies, and Jute Rugs)  

Q: Do you make scented Dryer Balls?
A: My dryer balls have a plethora of available scents! For long term scents I use dried lavender, jasmine, orange peel, and cedar. For short term scents I offer amber romance, rock candy, vanilla blossoms and lavender blossoms! My Ouchie Bags have the option of being scented. they have all the same scents available as the long term dryer balls.

Q: Any new projects and/or products coming out?
A: In the next year, look for chalk mats, awesome felted goodies, reusable dryer sheets, more baby items, and wool longies! I also hope to learn to make goats milk soap.  

Ashlee also shared with me a fantastic website for 'Going Green''.  Her family embarked on a " GO GREEN" adventure and this past summer decided to finally take the " GO GREEN PLEDGE" and it sounds like I have a lot of work to do compared to them :)  There are a gazillion Wahm's with hand made products to view and purchase, as well as personal stories and a lot of very wise women & families on there!  I know what your thinking: " Hand-Made? I am not interested in wearing knit pants and sweaters the rest of my life".  I am here to tell you its not like that.  The Hand-Made industry can make anything you can purchase from any store, the difference is they are doing their best to be green with their choices, every stitch and cut is made with love and care, and you are not feeding a factory manufacturer and instead feeding someone who loved and cared for every inch of your item!  Think about that one.  :)  The website is called: and its worth taking a peak, even to just go and browse the shop links!!

May I just add that Minky is one of my favourite fabrics and I literally have been known to drool over it and I cannot even describe what a Minky Booger Buster would feel like against my nose!  All I keep thinking is I HAVE TO TRY THESE!!!!  And so do you!  Perhaps you might want to stay tuned in the first few days of the New Year to see what is coming next :)

Ways to contact The Green Goose A.K.A : Ashlee

** If you would like to be featured, have Eebie do a review & give-away or any other inquiries please contat: **

December 13, 2010

Open To Canadian & U.S Residents! All others may enter if agreeing to pay their own shipping!!

I recently became in contact with a WAHM whom I deem to be one of the most wonderful people I have met during our journey to become a successful retailer of Cloth Diapers.  Ladies & Gents, let me introduce you to the beautiful Vilate Thacker. Please take a moment read Vilate's " All About Us ", and if your like me you will feel like you are right there taking in all her good energy and spirit.  
Vilate is the creator and maker of Nifty Nappy's.  And if you don't know what they are, your in the right place.  I'll be honest, I had never heard of them, and I can thank Melissa (  for introducing me to
 Nifty Nappy's.  I'll be even more honest by letting you know I want all of you to have these diapers and I'll work with you to get them!

Introducing:  Nifty Nappy's Fitted's, Fitted Organic Diapers, Pockets, Woolie's & More!


SuperDuper Soaker
Woolie Wrap

What is the rave about Nifty Nappy's fitted diapers?  A fantastic advantage to fitted diapers is that the entire diaper is made of absorbent materials and are breatheable so they help to prevent rashes and allow moisture to escape.  They do require a cover, and it's as easy as pairing them with one of Nifty Nappy's wool soakers or covers.  Want a quick diaper change?  Just throw on a wool longie and go, no need for pants over top!  Great for bed time, quick changes, and on the go, and cute to boot!  I cant resist!

Fitted Facts: 
  • Absorbent
  • Breathable
  • One Size fits all ( 7 - 35 lbs)
  • Trim
  • Made of cotton knit and flannel outer layer.
  • Inner layers are composed of organic hemp, fleece and microfiber, pair with an organic hemp fleece insert for over nights and long wear and your set!
  • Overlapping front snaps for a perfect fit every time

  * Wondering how well this 'One Size' will fit your newborn?  You can stop wondering right now!  Check out this quick video tutorial made by Vilate on her beautiful niece and see exactly how the Nifty Nappy diaper folds down and fits a wee baby.  I love them! And every time I watch this video I explain out loud " LOVE IT". NO kidding!

Let's talk about the Nifty Nappy POCKET DIAPER, for all you pocket lovers out there, this is for you!

 A pocket diaper is a diaper that requires an insert put into it as your absorbency layer.  This diaper is easily customized by adding more or less layers to create the perfect absorbency at different stages for your baby!

Pocket Facts: 
  • One Size Fits All ( 7- 35 lbs)
  • Hidden elastic for ultimate containment and comfort!
  • Overlapping front snap so you can easily customize the fit to your growing baby
  • Convenient and easy for caregivers, and daddy
*** Check out the NEW ABSORBENT HEMP/BAMBOO Inserts, they help prevent the stinkies, and are super absorbent****

Think I'm done here yet? Not even close :)  I want you to love Nifty Nappy's as much as I do, and the only way you can decide that is by knowing all you can about Vilate's products.  

Think you need a little something more for your newborn?  Worried that a one size fits all just isn't going to cut it?  Have a preemie or teeny bub that needs less bulk and a trim diaper?  Nifty Nappy's have got it!!!  Vilate has created an ingenious design called " Bitty Bums " and you HAVE to check them out!  

The Bitty Bums is the perfect fit for a newborn, by using the fold over technique this diaper easily fits a preemie baby while still being trim and absorbent.  For those of us who love the original Nifty Nappy Fitted design, no worries! This Bitty Bum has the exact same snap layout, the same fabric used and even has a version of mini-lay-in Insert so your not going to need to acquaint yourself with any of its features because you already know and love them!  I personally will be using this diaper on my newborn, from birth right up 15 lbs. Pair your bitty bum with a Weensy Woolie and your baby will be the cutest lil bub around!
Bitty Bum Facts:
  • Fits under the umbilical cord
  • All natural materials
  • Hidden elastics for comfort
  • Overlapping front snap for custom fit on your wee one
  • Absolute brilliant breath-ability concept so you wont have any unwanted rashes. Major PLUS+

 Nifty Nappy's Heavy Doody Diaper 
( Seriously Awesome )

The Heavy Doody diaper is designed to work for that really super heavy wetter that nothing else works for, not even the Nifty Nappy fitted or pocket which are super absorbent diapers and work for virtually everyone. The Heavy Doody diaper is designed to be worn with a cover. If paired with a wool cover for more protection these will keep PJ’s and sheets dry. What this diaper lacks in fun print cutey fabrics, it redeems itself with functionality & absorbency!

Heavy Doody Facts: 
  • 2 layers of Hemp fleece for max absorbency
  • Amazingly trim
  • All natural materials
  • Nifty Nappy's signature hidden elastic for ultimate containment & comfort
  • One size fits all and will customize for babies & toddlers
  • breathable to prevent diaper rashes 
  •  Pair this diaper with a Nifty Nappy Woolie and deem it BULLET PROOF!

Looking for a 100% Organic Option?  Then Nifty Nappy's Organic Fitted is for you!

By using Nifty Nappy's Organic Fitted diaper you are putting the utmost natural products on your babies bottom. Vilate has again created a masterpiece diaper, with all the same components of her regular fitted and pockets except this Organic diaper is comprised of only Organic Natural Products!

Organic Fitted Facts:
  • Nifty Nappy's signature hidden elastics for ultimate containment & comfort 
  • Made with all Organic Fabrics
  • One size fits all, easily customized for your wee bub to toddler age!
  • Breathable to prevent diaper rashes
  • Pair this diaper with a Nifty Nappy Woolie and deem it BULLET PROOF!  

Nifty Nappy Wool's

Nifty Nappy only uses up cycled wool sweaters with a minimum of 80% wool content so each cover is original and by doing this helps keep the price down and provides a green alternative by recycling otherwise perfectly fine sweaters!

When you think of a wool cover what comes to mind?  I"ll tell you what comes to my mind:  Adorable, Leak Proof, Functional, Easy to use, and SELF-CLEANING!!! LOVE THEM!

Whether your looking for a Woolie Cover, A Pair of Woolie Longies, Woolie Soakers or even a customized Woolie made to fit your bub to perfection Nifty Nappy has it all and can do it all!

Woolie Facts: 
  • Two Wool layers for double the protection!
  • Inner layer is made of a buttery soft 100% Organic Wool Interlock
  • Hidden elastic for ultimate comfort & containment
  • Overlapping front snap for the perfect custom fit every time!
  • One size fits all from wee baby to toddlers!
  • Easy to use & self cleaning ( NEED I SAY MORE?)
  • Nifty Knickers pull ups are economic and a great replacement for pj's and pants!
  • No one will have the same Nifty Nappy Woolie that you do!
  • Nifty Nappy Weensie Woolie is the perfect Diaper Cover for your newborn!  Pair it with a Bitty Bum for nights and your baby's bottom is ventilated perfectly! Available in a set of 2. Fit up to 15 lbs
What's stopping you from trying out a Nifty Nappy Woolie? Nothing.  Affordable, cute and absolutely functional = what are you waiting for?

Caring for your Nifty Nappy's :

Where can you buy Nifty Nappy's?  
 Eebie Baby can custom order any Nifty Nappy Products you would like, so please contact us at to inquire!  For reference of all products please visit

Want to win a Nifty Nappy Fitted Diaper in the cutest green Ooga Booga print ever? 
Check it out: This print is brand new, you haven't seen this before and its flippen adorable as can be!!!  Want to be the first to have it? 
Its Easy!! We just ask you do your part in loving Eebie Baby & Nifty Nappy's.  Fill out the form below to enter, remember you can enter only once from your home-address & that each extra entry needs to be filled out :)  Have fun!!!!!

Contest runs from Dec. 13 2010 - January 1 2011. A great kick off to the New Year!!!

Eebie Twitter: EebieBaby
Eebie Facebook:

Also my dear fans.. Please see the post below and go and check out Jacqui's awesome blog designs!!  I would really appreciate it if you ran over and showed her some love and perhaps commissioned her to make your blog.  Sale for 25 bucks right now!!

If you would like Eebie Baby to Review your products please email us at 

December 7, 2010


DONT FORGET about the DECEMBER MINKY DIAPER GIVE-AWAY!!!!! ENDS on the 10th. You will have it in time for Christmas!!!!  

Our FB page has a Fuzzi Bunz give-away at 250 likes. Head on over, bring some friends :)

December 1, 2010

Eebie Updates

Hi Everyone, it's a BRRRRRRRRR - 18 right now here in Alberta, Canada!!!
We have lots to talk about today folks, so get comfortable!! 
First, I need to point out I am writing with a lot of distractions around me.  I have a toddler who has decided that nap time is for babies, and he is a big boy now!  Help!  I am listening to him crashing around playing in his room. I have been waiting to share this story that involves our son that happened to us the other day, so here goes:
The other morning I went in to 'let him out of his room' (he stays in until I get him because the door doesn't open properly THANK GOODNESS, A blessing in disguise I admit!).  I opened the door to him saying "uh oh, uh oh" and GASP the entire floor is covered in greenish/white stuffing.  Stuffing? Yes, stuffing, like out of a toy or a cushion or pillow etc., etc.,  I will warn you, this is where it gets sad.  With tears brimming I asked him where Crockie is.  He said "uh oh" and walked out.  To explain, Crockie is my beloved stuffed crocodile that has made it through some long years with me and when our son fell in love with him for bed time I gave in. Mistake?  So, I cleaned up everything whilst my son played with the Christmas tree and I then began my search for the body of Crockie.  Our 'Lil guy's room is tiny, it's half empty due to his destructor nature, and it shouldn't have been this hard to find the body.  But I couldn't find it.  I even resorted to looking in his boots, his jacket pockets, and I even moved his bed.  No Crockie!  After 30 minutes of this, my husband came in and gave a look, I was sure I was missing it because of my upset.  No Crockie.  By this time I admit, I was sulking, and I'd already decided I would put him back together in whatever way I could.  I was very upset and trying to cover it up, but I'd just lost my little pal that I'd had for years and I was trying to adjust to that.  A few hours later my husband asked my son "WHERE IS CROCKIE"? And do you know what our 'Lil guy went and did?  He marched straight out to the back hall, got up on the laundry basket that was upside down and he opened the dryer and pulled Crockie out of the dryer.  *** This folks was quite a triumphant, amazing moment in our household***  I squealed, I laughed, I thanked my son for not destroying Crockie as he joined in with some fake laughing and big hugs to me.  My husband stood there with his jaw open, no kidding.  The facts are folks, Crockie got pee'd on the day before & he was thrown in the wash and dryer and was forgotten about along with some other clothing and my son remembered where he saw him last (he likes to help with washing & drying).  AMAZING!! The truth of the matter is, it very well could have been Crockie since my son destroys everything, but fate had other plans, instead he was pee'd on and kept out of harm's way- Aint Life Grand?  :-)
  • My KnickerNappie REVIEW is half done.  This is a very personal Review for me because KnickerNappie's are my absolute favourite brand of cloth diaper of all time and I doubt anyone can make me change my mind.  The issue I am having is making it incredibly personal because I keep gushing about how much I love the diaper and that can potentially be distracting.  I hope to have this REVIEW posted in a week!  Keep checking back, you don't want to miss it!
  • Our Facebook Page Give-Away is for 250 Likes.  As soon as we get there a Fuzzi Bunz Perfect Size will be given to one lucky Fan.  
  • Our December Give-Away here on the blog ends Dec.10th and anyone can enter. 
  • Eebie Baby website is still under construction, however we have product available if you need something, just email us at
  • Our Christmas Tree is up as of 4 days ago, and it is the most beautiful, soothing atmosphere here in our living room, my son is enthralled with it and has to turn the lights on as soon as he gets up.  Beautiful time of year! 
----- I hear Lego flying around, crashing and banging, and I am sure I just heard a zipper of some sort.-----
What are your Christmas Plans?  What family traditions do you & your family do? 
*** If you would like Eebie Baby to Review your products please contact us at  If you would like to sponsor a give-away through Eebie Baby please contact us at the above email ***

November 30, 2010

Business Page Give-AWAY

OUR FACEBOOK BUSINESS PAGE is missing some serious action now that we made a new one.  The online store 'should' be making its official debut by Christmas (god-willing).  We have a FUZZI BUNZ Give-away when we hit 250 LIKES so head on over, review the note, comment and enter yourself in to win! It's that simple.  We would appreciate you referring anyone who supports cloth diapering, or is interested in cloth diapering :)


*** dont forget to check out our december give-away for a minky diaper ***

November 26, 2010

We are very excited to share this give-away with you all!!!  I personally had shivers with excitement for this amazing package of gifts.  I can personally say that my family would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have the chance to win this, and I think you will to.

So, here's what its about:

A Little Etsy Love is hosting a Give-away with 60 sponsors!!!  A prize package worth over 450.00 of products!!

The Link: A little etsy love give-away

The shops listed are amazing, and there is a well layed out display of the variety of items available for purchase.  This shirt listed below = HEAVEN.  My 'lil guy would lose his mind over this shirt, and I'm sure yours would too :)  Go check it out, support the Etsy community and enter yourself in for a chance to win some fantastic give-away prizes!! Good Luck Everyone!!

****** The Holiday Gift Guide Badge to the right leads right to A little esty love's site ******

Here's a sneak peak of some of the items featured:


November 24, 2010

Guess What?????

Eebie Baby has a NEW PROFILE (click) & PAGE (click) on 

We'd like you to come and join us there.  The old page is about to say goodbye on Friday November 26th 2010.

 Since Eebie Baby has a LOT going on, we would like to ask you guys for some help.  We have a Fuzzi Bunz give-away at 250 Likes on our fb Page.  Can you help us hit that mark?

November 21, 2010


So, the website is a work in progress.  Who'da thunk it, but its not easy at all.  I am quite enjoying this learning curve, but I dont recommend to anyone to try it LOL.

What's new with Eebie Baby? 

We have a Happy Heiny's shipment on its way.  We also have an Oso Cozy shipment on its way and are hoping it gets here before the holidays.  That is one thing I did not account for, and that is the amount of time it can take to get product to us.  Right now it can take up to 6 weeks to get some of our product.

Eebie Baby would like to share with you (in case you haven't looked around hehe) a beautiful picture gallery with all of the brands we will be carrying at this time.  ENJOY!!



November 15, 2010

December's Give-Away is posted!!!

There is another exciting Give-Away happening that we are bursting to share with you all!

GIVE-AWAY: When Julie Mace Photography hits 500 fans on their FB page they are doing a FANTASTIC give-away of an 11x14 story board print!! Check it out and join for your chance to win:

  Youtube: - Review for the Medi Bag is up, check it out!! Coming this weekend are :  sweet pea in a pod a13 review (on here and on youtube), Knicker Nappie Review (here and on youtube), Fuzzi Bunz review (on here & youtube).  We also have a 'sit down with Eebie Baby to talk about what products they use, their preferences and what they like & dont like about different brands and makes.  Expect all of the above posted by Sunday Night.

 News: is a work in progress.  We just received a nice delivery of new stock including a ton of Happy Heiny's to drool over.  <--- that is one company I deff have the pleasure of working with!  I am composing a "family on a budget" set of packages that can be somewhat customizable to your families needs without breaking the bank.  These will be primarily made up of prefolds & covers with other fun accessories, however there will be chances to grab some name brand pocket & aio cd's in a package as well.  (yes those will run you a bit more, but they will still be a great deal you find elsewhere)!!

On another sidenote: Thank you for the personal emails I have been receiving regarding orders, ideas, comments and general inquiries.  It is a pleasure to be able to share cloth diapering with you!!!

November 12, 2010


We have a few video's uploaded to our YOUTUBE account, COME CHECK IT OUT!!!  Its a slow-go, but we have a LOT of vid's making their debut over the next weeks/month.   So Subscribe & come along for the ride :)

Great review coming on Sweet Pea in A pod A13 <----- It is a very interesting model.

Smile & Have a great weekend!!!

November 6, 2010


Hi you guys! Some very exciting Review Posts coming up!!!!

1.  A supporter of & has a REVIEW SUBMISSION coming to us for the " OCEAN WONDERS AQUARIUM " The model to the right may not be the exact picture, however she will have pictures of her model in the REVIEW POST!
Very very exciting!  Expect to see that in the upcoming weeks.

2. Our prefold demonstration is up on our youtube !!!

3. I am very very very excited to announce another Review coming before Dec.1 2010, here's a sneak peak.
<---- What's the review about you wonder?? Hmmmm????
Well, it could be about cute onesie's...  It could be about a line of pants. It could be about that very beautiful hardwood flooring. could be about belts.  I encourage you to check back by the end of the month because I am certain you are going to love what you see!!

I also want to Thank Kim for allowing me to post this picture!
***** Review will be posted by Sunday November 21 2010*****


I am absolutely holding my breath right now, trying to not explode with anticipation because we are getting closer to having our shipment in the mail of fuzzi bunz, sweet pea in a pods and knicker nappies. As soon as those come in I will be testing them out diligently for a few weeks and then giving you guys a nice solid REVIEW on each.

Super exciting news:

You are now supporting and subscribing to a registered business owner in Canada.  I have been accepted into a handful of suppliers ( fuzzi bunz, happy heiny's, mother-ease, all-together-baby, and a few others).  I am working very hard to get the website up & running with these products listed available as our stock is starting to come in full force and its time to get a move on! I have been very blessed in this journey thus far, and hope to continue to have such success.  We have a unique line of items that we will be featuring after the initial grand opening of the webstore/site, so keep a look-out for my opening status & info.  :-)


*** If you are interested in having Eebie Baby Review any of your products, please use the CONTACT email to communicate with us, Thank You ***

October 30, 2010

This is better then CHRISTMAS!!!

I am bursting you guys....

My husband may have other thoughts about my recent purchases (har har har) but I am just soo excited!!!

I have a huge list of stuff coming and I want to share some of the items here with you.  So get ready to DROOL!!!

1. had a sale on yesterday for FUZZIBUNS Perfect Size CD's with 1 insert.  I ran over and checked it out (Thank you Amy for letting me know).  11.00/piece.  WHAT?  I fainted.  When I came to, I started clicking "BUY" and my lil fingers were going a mile a minute worrying that everyone was buying them before I could fill out my billing info.  The SALE is still going but they only have size Medium & Large left, and the majority are LARGE. RUN!!   In case you dont know what a fuzzi bun is- I"m going to link you to their direct site FuzziBunz <-- They have a sale for 14.95 RIGHT NOW RUN RUN RUN!!!  Why is this soo exciting? Because on average they are around 19-23/piece for perfect size and their new ONE SIZE with the adjustable leg & waist bands are running from 20-27/piece.  THIS IS AN AMAZING DEAL.  I purchased 3 of them, and am still kicking myself because I ordered some from another company last week for ...err... 17.95 & justified it was the lowest price like ever...  I was CORRECTED!   And here's a lil eye candy of course:
Need a nappy?

2.  I have some Jam ToTs Chinese Prefolds in Toddler size coming to me, and I"m very impatient about it. You can check them out here at Chinese Prefolds I have a few prefolds I had purchased individually to try that are one size, and they fit just 'okay' on my lil dude so I wanted to check out the toddler sizes.  Prefolds are a fantastic option when diapering, especially for newborns & young babies, the savings is huge!!!  Check out my INFO  page here.  :)  I also have my snappi's in size 1 & 2.
**update, these were waiting in my mailbox (darn for not checking earlier), they are being put to great use. **

3.  Sweet Pea in a pod's... I ADORE THEM!  I have a cover Apple Green Sweet pea in a pod cover .  It fits really fantastic on my big boy.  The sizing is only to 35lbs (it is a one size snap rise cover), and I am confident we will be using it for quite some time!  I have 2 DIAPERS coming, because I loved the covers soo much.  This is where I purchased them Sweet Pea-IN-A-Pod A13 and there is fantastic write-up about them!  CANNOT WAIT.

4.  Knicker Nappie.  Now I have your attention right?  Because I"m soo curious of a large variety of brands, I want to check them all out.  So randomly I grab a diaper and try it out.  This is my newest adventure.  Here is where I purchased it from (along with apple cheeks & some boosters) KnickerNappie  Cant wait to try it out!!!

5. had a fantastic daily bargain sale.  I picked up a MONKEY Medi Kit with an entire free refill for 10.00 incl. shipping!  There are over 150 items in it, and again, I get a free refill coupon!! Wahoo. I've been meaning to grab one, so YAYY!

*****  EVERYTHING I RECEIVE will have a review done on it after a few weeks of trials.  IF you would like to know information about a particular CD right away please let me know.  I have access to a variety of diapers and accessories and can get as much info as you need, and if I don't have a review to give, I certainly can point you in the direction to people who do.  I hope to have all these items within the next week ****