February 27, 2011

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February 21, 2011


Hello my wonderful blog members!!!!  Can you believe we are almost done February? How did this happen????   I swear every day I have more gray hair (yes GRAY HAIR) and I blink and the day is finished.  It leaves me constantly asking myself  ' Did I make the most of today?', and often I still feel like the answer is "NO".  I think I have to re-think what a day should mean in the life of a WAHM with a toddler because I keep being told I am trying to do too much and cant juggle it all. We'll see!! ;-)

So, I'm writing to see who is paying attention. I have 125 members here on this blog, and I'd like every single one of you to reply to this post.  I have a secret that ONLY you 125 members are going to get to have a chance at first, but to do this, I need you all to comment with a way to contact you. If you DO NOT feel comfortable leaving your email, please use the contact us tab above and Send your information through there.  IT IS REALLY important you get into contact with me asap!!!!  You have 2 days!!!  

<3 <3 <3 Let's see who is paying attention.  And if anyone knows other people listed here, you might want to give them the heads up <3 <3 <3

Check out our shopping tab above.  Right now anyone who purchases APPLE CHEEKS products stands to win one free APPLE CHEEKS ITEM with their order!!!  (note, the value will be over 10.00)   I am a huge fan of the Apple Cheeks Inserts, I have the 2 pack set, and love them!!!  I also love their diaper, I like the way the pocket opening is in the middle so you dont even have to take the insert out because it agitates in the wash and falls out.  *** IF the shopping cart is giving you issues, or the shipping isnt working or is off, we will need to correct that, we are having a hard time with this cart and cant seem to figure it out, IF anyone has a cost effective as in FREE cart they can suggest that is html based and can be put anywhere, please let us know*** 

February 15, 2011

Happy Little Toes ( Baby Shoe Review)

Happy Feet... How's about some Happy Little Toes????

First I want to introduce you to Jen at Happy Little Toes.Please go visit them and give a big Eebie hug & love, join their page and grab up some awesome shoes!!        HAPPY LITTLE TOES

Jen Siew is a stay at home mom of two wonderful children ages 4 and 2. She started Happy Little Toes in 2009 in hopes to provide the best leather shoes to her customers. Jen started selling in Orange County Marketplace, building a face book fan page in September 2010 and launched her retail website in January 2011.  When I asked Jen what her products were all about, she had this to say: Moms and kiddos love our products because the shoes are soft, light and flexible. The feedback from our moms is all positive and our sales have grown steadily.  Happy Little Toes Mission is: Providing the comfiest shoes and best service to our customers at a reasonable price. 


Eebie Baby's Review on Happy Little Toes 
I remember it like it was yesterday... I was browsing around on facebook and I saw someone post the most adorable pair of shoes.  I "HAD" to run over to take a look.  It was love at first site.  The pictures are  incredible quality and are very well done, but nothing AND I MEAN NOTHING prepared me for the real deal.  But we'll get to that in a minute.  I browsed around on FB, but didn't see anywhere to go buy. So I wrote on a picture (C'mon, we all do it...right?....right?) Within minutes Jen wrote back.  Of course, at that time I had no idea her name, and I felt referring to her as Happy Little Toes might be a bit over the top...I keep hearing Happy Feet music in my head (more on that in a moment too).  SO. I went to their website, and thought I'd order a pair of shoes, but I was having a problem.  There didn't seem to be many in my toddler son's size, so I wrote Jen and asked for some assistance.  Prompt, to the point, friendly and helpful are all words I would use to describe her approach with me. I clicked PAY NOW & didn't look back.  Shipping was super fast, less than a week and I hardly even had those babies out of the box when the 'lil guy was trying to put them on.  I banged the shoe against the wall to make it squeak to show him what it could do. OH-RIGHT- Did I forget to mention these are all Squeaker's ??????  How could I have forgotten!!!  But parents, don't be deterred, they have an easy to remove squeaker that can transform those loud obnoxious shoes on mommy's 'bad days' to quiet lil stompers.  My son bashed his shoe squeaking on every surface he could find, maybe I should have shown him to just put them on instead...   Some pics and a short video clip on YOUTUBE of our 'Lil Guy enjoying his Happy Little Toes:


 Over All impression: Love. Not just like. But LOVE. They are very well made, and the first thing I noticed was the width. Baby feet are chubby and naturally wide, and most of us have the hardest time fitting our kids feet, but not with these! My son has to wear a wide or bigger in shoes- and these fit him with room to spare.  The insides are buttery soft, and the shoe's leather is nice and soft, bending and moving with your baby! 
Pro's & Con's:  It's all pro's for me. I have no complaints, and would love to be a repeat buyer.  The price is right, the shipping was fantastic, and the quality is just as I expected it to be and more.  The only con I could assume for some people is the squeaker, but that's a super easy fix, in fact here is a quick tutorial on how to remove it:
1. Locate the squeakers on the shoes

2. Pull out the squeakers evenly from the shoes

3. Here you go. No more noise! :-)

*To re-enable the squeaker sound, do 3-2-1

February 9, 2011

If I had known 2 months ago I was going to be writing this, I’d have done absolutely nothing different! 
Hi everyone! Having a good second week of February?  I hope so!  I thought long and hard about what to say, and realized that much of what your going to read here is my rambles of love and adoration for one special woman & her business. I find myself incredibly emotional (with good reason) to write this blog post, and my only hope for this post is that I can clearly show how I really feel.

Vilate.  A household name.  We shortened it to ‘V’ because well.... why not? My husband asks daily  ‘ Did you speak to Vilate today ‘.  He asks how she is doing and how the weather is at her house.  I thought it was just me who adored her, her personality, and her business but it turns out my husband has quite the soft spot for this special lady.  
You see, I met Vilate only mere months ago, and that is thanks to Melissa who told me to jot her a line because she had fantastic diapers. I was Vilate’s newest retailer and had not even had the chance to break in my role when the announcement was being made they were closing. 

Everyone was raving about these diapers.  But what was so special about them? What made them what they are? I.Had.No.Idea. until I saw those diapers for the first time!  And then I.Had.No.Idea until I felt one of those diapers for the first time!  And I.Had.No.Idea until I USED one of those diapers for the first time how special they really were.  I am not making this up!  
Today is the day that marks the end of Nifty Nappy diapers for the time being.  I think we all keep secretly hoping there will be another way ( I know I do), and I think we will just have to wait and see.  You never do know what can happen and I know Vilate loves her diapers and her fans & customers, and retailers to pieces and she wants to do what is right for all of us, her business & her family.  
So today, I want to thank Vilate and her Nifty Nappy’s.  I want to pay tribute to Vilate  & her diapers together with the following words:
Vilate & Nifty Nappy’s Fitteds, you are soo: Soft, Snugly, Kind, Absorbent, Perfect Fit, Creative, Cute, Special, Magical, And everything in between.  
Thank you Vilate for providing support, attention, creativity, compassion, fun & for adding more to everyone’s lives with not only your wonderful personality but with your brilliant MAGICAL diapers!  And THANK YOU to her husband for spending hours every night snapping next to her, and to her children and family, for allowing her the moments to create such magic.

From my house to yours I wish you the best in all your future endeavors and I cannot wait to see what is next in your chapter.
~ signing off
Eebie Baby.com

February 7, 2011

February 7 2011. What? We are already through our first week of February? How can this be!!!!??!!
I don't know how you guys feel, but time is just flying, I feel a deep sense of insecurity quite often lately when I take a moment to notice that another day has slipped by. 

I often find myself lost in deep inner thought, wondering ' Did I make the most of my day today? '.  Of course, its safe to say I don't get lost too long, or else I may never come back to the real world lol.  

Our son is 2.5. An angel of perfection given to us.  All my hopes & dreams lay behind those baby blue's and all I ever want is to make each moment count with him and for him.  So I think my worry stems from the fact that IT IS JUST GOING BY TOO FAST!  

I remember when our 'lil guy was starting solids. Oi ! Want to talk about a mama having issues?  That would be me.  It's not quite what you may be thinking though...or maybe it is.  I made all his baby food, and it was the hardest thing I had to do at that time, I felt like I could not get through it.  My baby was growing up too fast and for some reason I, as a mother had to get over the hurdle of him eating baby food.  Odd? Maybe. Someone out there MUST have had those feelings before?  Somebody? Anybody?  It never changed my level of care, he got to eat all those fun new home-made baby foods and life was grand and he was growing. BUT,  inside a piece of me had to let go and jump that brick wall.  I believe I may have ran head first into it a few times, but after about 2 months I managed to get over and really I have never had that problem again

Why am I writing all this?  Because it is 4:31 am and I have not gone to bed yet, and I am reminiscing. Here is our 'lil guy at a mere 12 hours old.

Beyond Perfect! I remember us being amused seeing this picture after because it appeared like he had a receding hair line, when in fact the flash just took away all the blond hair he had up there.  And yes, he has beautiful strawberry highlights...He got his red hair honestly, and his pasty white complexion even more honestly :)

Moving on..............................
The business side of things is a whirl wind of fun and excitement every day!  I am not a Facebook person.  I used it to keep in touch with family because we are across the country from everyone, and I never dreamed I would be living on it daily with my own business page and fan following.  The support is amazing, I cant say enough how much I appreciate you guys being there, walking through Eebie Baby's first steps.

A wise person once told me ' You can walk through life on your own, or you can walk through life with everyone surrounding you, because either way THEY are what makes this life ' . You can take that for what you will.  I use that phrase as a remembrance to reach out, I also keep it in the back of my mind when there is someone walking in my life with me that needs to walk alone for awhile :) hehe.

Please take a moment to subscribe to this blog if you have not already.  Scroll to the very bottom footer and add yourself.  On the left hand side you can also join our Mailing List and receive emails when a new post or update is created here.  I would really appreciate your continued support :-)

Without further ado, I will now announce the winner of the:
Nifty Nappy Growing Up Green, Nifty Knickers (A.K.A Longies) 

The winner is... DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!!!!!


Just a reminder that the winner may be required to pay some or all of the shipping costs depending on their location (this has been stated in previous status posts on our business page and it is also listed in the photo section under the Nifty Nappy Give-Away for a month or more)  *** Please contact me at customer.service@eebiebaby.com, Thank You ***

Thank you to everyone who participated.  I will never be able to repeat myself enough how thankful I am that you are walking this walk with us here at Eebie Baby.com ~ THANK YOU

Signing Off
~ Rachael @ Eebie Baby.com

January 31, 2011

3 Blog Post Reviews, One night!

This mama was busy busy busy!  3 Review's done in one night plus categories for the store for over 5 hours. I'm wiped :)

First up:  

Fuzzi Bunz Perfect Size:

Up Next: An Update Review on the Kawaii Diaper

And last but certainly not least:
Mr.Eebie Baby Daddy Panel NIFTY NAPPY Review & UPDATE

Stay tuned for more reviews coming up.  I will continue to write and do video reviews.  I like to change it up sometimes because how many people love to read a page or two of a review compared to watching a quick 5-8 minute video?

I would love some feedback.

January 29, 2011


Here is the list of upcoming reviews.  If you have something you would like us to review for you, please use the contact tab above and we would be happy to help you out!


- Knicker Nappies

- Another Kawaii *not so positive light*

- Chinese Cotton Prefolds

- Nifty Nappy Update Review

- Fuzzi Bunz Review

- Wool Cover Review

- Sweet Pea n A Pod Review * not so positive light*

- Knit items (numerous reviews)

- Monkey Doodlez AIO

All of these reviews will coincide with a MINI tutorial & information video.  We will try to keep them brief & to the point, however being that I do all of my reviews with a personal opinion attached, you can expect nothing less :)

Comment below if you have review idea's or feedback!

January 24, 2011

Hi guys!!! Or should I say LADIES !!! :) :)

I am working on a few reviews and one of them is absolutely super duper special to me in so many ways I cant describe.  

What reviews would you like to see here?  I would love some feedback please.  I am thinking of doing a couple linked pages with CLOTH DIAPERING 101 so anyone can find all the info they need when researching.  Sound good?  

I cant tell my secrets, but I bought an awful lot of materials the past couple days and I also bought a new sewing machine because the one I got for Christmas was ummmm not so great.  But this new one---- OHH YEAHH~~~~~~~~~

I wanted to introduce you to a new business associate of mine.  Her name is Erin and she is the owner & creator of Earthly Remedies.  Her products are composed of all natural ingredients and are all hand-made of course.  Currently we are taking orders for her Baby's Butt Wash, Baby's Butt Balm, and Baby's Butt Wash refill solution concentrate.  These are all products that coincide with what we here at Eebie Baby are trying to achieve, and that is a well rounded, safe, green option and home-made as much as possible.  We are also taking orders for her 'Room & Body' sprays.  You can find out more about Erin by clicking on her sponsor button down the left side of this page.  
So in essence, I want to welcome Erin to the Eebie Baby family, and I'd like you all to do the same if you will :)


~ Rachael

January 22, 2011

So the wonderful and lovely Ambria got in contact with me after my cry for help for the blog.

She has been working with me trying to 'make' this blog somewhere I want to be.  I wanted to personally thank her for all her help, and I wanted you guys to go and say HI to her for me!!!

I cannot say THANK YOU enough for your help!  Thank you for putting up with me, and for the 46+ emails and msgs within 24 hours!  
In the end, I kept messing around with the blog and ended up with what you see here.  Dont get too used to it, I like to change it often which is usually what gets me in the mess of wrecking things.....  I am vowing here & now that I will not upload any more blogger templates to the blog, and will stick with backgrounds and what is available already! deal? DEAL!  


January 20, 2011


Here I go again!

If there is anyone out there who wants to get some credit for making me a blog design, hit me up!   It doesn't matter what I do, I mess up my templates!!!!  HELP? HELP!!!!!!

CONTACT ME !!!!  customer.service@eebiebaby.com

Update:  I think its all figured out now :)  I like to change it up a lot, so you may see it change here and there... I cant settle on just one thing.
I want to thank Ambria for all her assistance and in the end it was just the coaxing and co-help I needed to get the blog looking better!!!!!    
Keep an eye out for a Thank You to her soon & for her button on the blog as well !!!!

January 17, 2011

Hi Guys!!!!

I wanted to update to fill you in on what's been going on around here.  We have a lot of changes personally and with our business and although it's going to be bumpy for awhile, I think it'll all be great in the long run! 

We have made the decision to be a NOT IN STOCK store *I think I wrote this in another post, but dont quote me*   The decision is a hard one and as the weeks go by the hurdles do seem quite large, but at the same time it is apparent it is what we need to do as a business & as a family right now.  We live in a really REALLY teensy weensy small house (cottage like but with no storage or extra space) and you should have seen what it was like trying to keep stock organized.  I had a shelving unit & a few bins & it was in the corner of our bedroom and it was ghastly! Every time I needed to get stock from the bins I'd have to bring them all out and go through to find what I was looking for, luckily I know where everything is, but I still had to dig to get it. 
We also have to admit the fact that our family is looking at a ginormous cross country move and although we dont have an exact date, it looks like it will be before June or at least by June.  This will tear our family apart in a way because my husband more then likely will continue working out here in Alberta until he goes to school in Sept 2012.  We need to be saving money towards our move and towards any other happenings that come up, and stock sadly has to go!  For now!

I have high hopes for the area I am moving to with our business.  There is a specific place I am interested in that will allow me to actually open a store front and the price is all included.  Hmmmm... 

We have had a few WAHM business' joining on to our new program however due to their own personal circumstances they have had to back out.  I am on the hunt for products that are unique and made with Love.  Business' that I can be proud to promote & work with that will be able to bend and be flexible to different circumstances coming up.  A business has nothing to lose joining on with us except their initial whole sale price, and to me you cant beat having your products out there being showcased somewhere else, let the sales roll in !  


Keep an eye out for some new pictures posted here and on our Facebook page.... I am working on some fun projects for my family members and will have them available for sale as well :) 

Keep an eye out for a new WAHB I have just started working with, their items will be available in our store cart very very soon!  The main page may give you a hint :)

Thanks for reading, and would love to hear feedback :)

 ~ Rachael @ Eebie Baby

January 12, 2011

Nifty Nappy is going out of Business

I took a few days to let it really sink in that my favourite WAHM business is going out of Business! I still dont know how to feel, and I wont even pretend I didn't shed a few tears. I haven't known Nifty Nappy long,and I consider myself very blessed to have been a part of their company even if is was at the very end. Vilate, owner of Nifty Nappy's had to make the undesirable decision to close their doors to cooperate with the new CPSIA ruling that is going to be affecting a LOT of wahm business' if they produce any products for children under the age of 12! Vilate promise's this isn't the last of her, and we'll be seeing her around, I believe that for sure!!! So, as a new retailer for NIFTY NAPPY I want to introduce our personalized Nifty Nappy Shopping Cart. You will be able to get your NN fix before their doors close. All instructions are listed here on this post, as well as in each product so there is NO misunderstandings. 


* All Nifty Nappy products are available at this time 

* All items are a custom order at this time, and as long as the fabric has not sold out, its yours! Please remember it is being custom made for you so it may take 4-8 weeks to actually receive your items, well worth it :) 

* Shipping is not calculated and listed as (free) until I receive your items. You are required to pay SHIPPING when I package and weigh them so that you only pay the exact amount. I will invoice you when I have your exact shipping amount. *** there are no exceptions to this except in town pick up or drop off , we are located in Edson Alberta ***

* 5 % discount on entire order for all new customers only! *** OFFER ENDS January 19th 2011****
* Buy 5 or more diapers, and get a woolie for a discounted price ( 10.00 %) ***OFFER ENDS January 19th 2011****

These diapers are the most amazing diapers I have ever used. Anyone I know who has them, cant live without them.  They are top of the line, excellent in every way and cute to boot! You just have to own at least one Nifty Nappy item (but I dont know how you'll stop at one)

January 10, 2011

January 10-17th FEATURE WAHM

We would like to introduce you to the Beautiful, Talented, Amazing: 

Lala (Layla) 

 Please run over and tell her You & Eebie say "HI" The Bronze Willow

 Our Eebie Baby Interview with Lala:

Q: Who is LaLa? 
A: Now, this is a loaded question! If you would've asked me this 2 years ago, I would've been completely clueless. Now?  I can proudly proclaim I am finally the person I was meant to be all along, the person I was searching for all these years...I am finally, after many struggles, a mother. Some people don't want to be defined by roles, but I welcome this one with open arms! I'm also a creator. I love to make things and there's no greater compliment than for someone to enjoy something I've created. I'm quirky with a sarcastic sense of humor that sometimes doesn't go over quite as well as I had hoped, so I apologize ahead of time. ;) There you have it: I'm a quirky, sometimes sarcastic, tender-hearted Mommy that likes to make things and always has a few projects in the works! Although I have a blast creating things for you to enjoy, I take it very seriously. It is my ultimate goal for everyone to adore every single product they ever purchase from me. 

Q: What products can we find and can you describe a few to us? 
A: Oh goodness...there's no telling what I'll have available at any given time but the core of my business revolves around scented products. I started out making soy wax tarts/melts/disks/blobs of wax and that lead to my fabulous hanging air fresheners, soy candles and various home fragrance items. Somewhere along the way, I began to make jewelry and added a full line of bath & body products as well as palm wax tarts. I've recently begun to sew, make hair bows and am excited about the custom picture frames I've made as gifts. I'm sure you'll see some of those soon! 

Q: Where are you located on a map,  And who do you live with? 
A: I was born and raised here in North Carolina (Go Tar Heels!!) and live with my handsome, patient husband and beautiful, if I do say so myself, little girl. 

Q: Any new products coming out? 
A:   Why, of course! I'm working on some magnetic air fresheners that are perfect for lockers. Can't hang it? Stick it! I have new soap poufs coming up and possibly a few decor items or hair bows as well. You just never know what's going to show up around here - the wheels are always turning! For example, I can't get the image of a pink and red ribbon wreath out of my head for Valentine's Day, so that's next on my "crafty list." 

Q: Why did you decide to make the items you do, and turn them into a business?
A:  I've always wanted to make candles. Always. An online friend sent me a pound of wax, a bottle of fragrance oil, a few tart-making instructions and I was hooked! I wasn't looking to start a business but I certainly wasn't going to turn it down when people began emailing me their orders. :) Six years later, here I am and loving every second of it! 

Q: If you could send your customers to one place to know the information about scents and colours of your smellies, where would you send them?

So, where can you find The Bronze Willow?  


** If you would like to be featured, have Eebie do a review & give-away or any other inquiries please contat: customer.service@eebiebaby.com **