January 17, 2011

Hi Guys!!!!

I wanted to update to fill you in on what's been going on around here.  We have a lot of changes personally and with our business and although it's going to be bumpy for awhile, I think it'll all be great in the long run! 

We have made the decision to be a NOT IN STOCK store *I think I wrote this in another post, but dont quote me*   The decision is a hard one and as the weeks go by the hurdles do seem quite large, but at the same time it is apparent it is what we need to do as a business & as a family right now.  We live in a really REALLY teensy weensy small house (cottage like but with no storage or extra space) and you should have seen what it was like trying to keep stock organized.  I had a shelving unit & a few bins & it was in the corner of our bedroom and it was ghastly! Every time I needed to get stock from the bins I'd have to bring them all out and go through to find what I was looking for, luckily I know where everything is, but I still had to dig to get it. 
We also have to admit the fact that our family is looking at a ginormous cross country move and although we dont have an exact date, it looks like it will be before June or at least by June.  This will tear our family apart in a way because my husband more then likely will continue working out here in Alberta until he goes to school in Sept 2012.  We need to be saving money towards our move and towards any other happenings that come up, and stock sadly has to go!  For now!

I have high hopes for the area I am moving to with our business.  There is a specific place I am interested in that will allow me to actually open a store front and the price is all included.  Hmmmm... 

We have had a few WAHM business' joining on to our new program however due to their own personal circumstances they have had to back out.  I am on the hunt for products that are unique and made with Love.  Business' that I can be proud to promote & work with that will be able to bend and be flexible to different circumstances coming up.  A business has nothing to lose joining on with us except their initial whole sale price, and to me you cant beat having your products out there being showcased somewhere else, let the sales roll in !  


Keep an eye out for some new pictures posted here and on our Facebook page.... I am working on some fun projects for my family members and will have them available for sale as well :) 

Keep an eye out for a new WAHB I have just started working with, their items will be available in our store cart very very soon!  The main page may give you a hint :)

Thanks for reading, and would love to hear feedback :)

 ~ Rachael @ Eebie Baby

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