October 30, 2010

This is better then CHRISTMAS!!!

I am bursting you guys....

My husband may have other thoughts about my recent purchases (har har har) but I am just soo excited!!!

I have a huge list of stuff coming and I want to share some of the items here with you.  So get ready to DROOL!!!

1.  Minibargainz.com had a sale on yesterday for FUZZIBUNS Perfect Size CD's with 1 insert.  I ran over and checked it out (Thank you Amy for letting me know).  11.00/piece.  WHAT?  I fainted.  When I came to, I started clicking "BUY" and my lil fingers were going a mile a minute worrying that everyone was buying them before I could fill out my billing info.  The SALE is still going but they only have size Medium & Large left, and the majority are LARGE. RUN!!   In case you dont know what a fuzzi bun is- I"m going to link you to their direct site FuzziBunz <-- They have a sale for 14.95 RIGHT NOW RUN RUN RUN!!!  Why is this soo exciting? Because on average they are around 19-23/piece for perfect size and their new ONE SIZE with the adjustable leg & waist bands are running from 20-27/piece.  THIS IS AN AMAZING DEAL.  I purchased 3 of them, and am still kicking myself because I ordered some from another company last week for ...err... 17.95 & justified it was the lowest price like ever...  I was CORRECTED!   And here's a lil eye candy of course:
Need a nappy?

2.  I have some Jam ToTs Chinese Prefolds in Toddler size coming to me, and I"m very impatient about it. You can check them out here at Chinese Prefolds I have a few prefolds I had purchased individually to try that are one size, and they fit just 'okay' on my lil dude so I wanted to check out the toddler sizes.  Prefolds are a fantastic option when diapering, especially for newborns & young babies, the savings is huge!!!  Check out my INFO  page here.  :)  I also have my snappi's in size 1 & 2.
**update, these were waiting in my mailbox (darn for not checking earlier), they are being put to great use. **

3.  Sweet Pea in a pod's... I ADORE THEM!  I have a cover Apple Green Sweet pea in a pod cover .  It fits really fantastic on my big boy.  The sizing is only to 35lbs (it is a one size snap rise cover), and I am confident we will be using it for quite some time!  I have 2 DIAPERS coming, because I loved the covers soo much.  This is where I purchased them Sweet Pea-IN-A-Pod A13 and there is fantastic write-up about them!  CANNOT WAIT.

4.  Knicker Nappie.  Now I have your attention right?  Because I"m soo curious of a large variety of brands, I want to check them all out.  So randomly I grab a diaper and try it out.  This is my newest adventure.  Here is where I purchased it from (along with apple cheeks & some boosters) KnickerNappie  Cant wait to try it out!!!

5.  Yeahbaby.com had a fantastic daily bargain sale.  I picked up a MONKEY Medi Kit with an entire free refill for 10.00 incl. shipping!  There are over 150 items in it, and again, I get a free refill coupon!! Wahoo. I've been meaning to grab one, so YAYY!

*****  EVERYTHING I RECEIVE will have a review done on it after a few weeks of trials.  IF you would like to know information about a particular CD right away please let me know.  I have access to a variety of diapers and accessories and can get as much info as you need, and if I don't have a review to give, I certainly can point you in the direction to people who do.  I hope to have all these items within the next week ****

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