December 13, 2010

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I recently became in contact with a WAHM whom I deem to be one of the most wonderful people I have met during our journey to become a successful retailer of Cloth Diapers.  Ladies & Gents, let me introduce you to the beautiful Vilate Thacker. Please take a moment read Vilate's " All About Us ", and if your like me you will feel like you are right there taking in all her good energy and spirit.  
Vilate is the creator and maker of Nifty Nappy's.  And if you don't know what they are, your in the right place.  I'll be honest, I had never heard of them, and I can thank Melissa (  for introducing me to
 Nifty Nappy's.  I'll be even more honest by letting you know I want all of you to have these diapers and I'll work with you to get them!

Introducing:  Nifty Nappy's Fitted's, Fitted Organic Diapers, Pockets, Woolie's & More!


SuperDuper Soaker
Woolie Wrap

What is the rave about Nifty Nappy's fitted diapers?  A fantastic advantage to fitted diapers is that the entire diaper is made of absorbent materials and are breatheable so they help to prevent rashes and allow moisture to escape.  They do require a cover, and it's as easy as pairing them with one of Nifty Nappy's wool soakers or covers.  Want a quick diaper change?  Just throw on a wool longie and go, no need for pants over top!  Great for bed time, quick changes, and on the go, and cute to boot!  I cant resist!

Fitted Facts: 
  • Absorbent
  • Breathable
  • One Size fits all ( 7 - 35 lbs)
  • Trim
  • Made of cotton knit and flannel outer layer.
  • Inner layers are composed of organic hemp, fleece and microfiber, pair with an organic hemp fleece insert for over nights and long wear and your set!
  • Overlapping front snaps for a perfect fit every time

  * Wondering how well this 'One Size' will fit your newborn?  You can stop wondering right now!  Check out this quick video tutorial made by Vilate on her beautiful niece and see exactly how the Nifty Nappy diaper folds down and fits a wee baby.  I love them! And every time I watch this video I explain out loud " LOVE IT". NO kidding!

Let's talk about the Nifty Nappy POCKET DIAPER, for all you pocket lovers out there, this is for you!

 A pocket diaper is a diaper that requires an insert put into it as your absorbency layer.  This diaper is easily customized by adding more or less layers to create the perfect absorbency at different stages for your baby!

Pocket Facts: 
  • One Size Fits All ( 7- 35 lbs)
  • Hidden elastic for ultimate containment and comfort!
  • Overlapping front snap so you can easily customize the fit to your growing baby
  • Convenient and easy for caregivers, and daddy
*** Check out the NEW ABSORBENT HEMP/BAMBOO Inserts, they help prevent the stinkies, and are super absorbent****

Think I'm done here yet? Not even close :)  I want you to love Nifty Nappy's as much as I do, and the only way you can decide that is by knowing all you can about Vilate's products.  

Think you need a little something more for your newborn?  Worried that a one size fits all just isn't going to cut it?  Have a preemie or teeny bub that needs less bulk and a trim diaper?  Nifty Nappy's have got it!!!  Vilate has created an ingenious design called " Bitty Bums " and you HAVE to check them out!  

The Bitty Bums is the perfect fit for a newborn, by using the fold over technique this diaper easily fits a preemie baby while still being trim and absorbent.  For those of us who love the original Nifty Nappy Fitted design, no worries! This Bitty Bum has the exact same snap layout, the same fabric used and even has a version of mini-lay-in Insert so your not going to need to acquaint yourself with any of its features because you already know and love them!  I personally will be using this diaper on my newborn, from birth right up 15 lbs. Pair your bitty bum with a Weensy Woolie and your baby will be the cutest lil bub around!
Bitty Bum Facts:
  • Fits under the umbilical cord
  • All natural materials
  • Hidden elastics for comfort
  • Overlapping front snap for custom fit on your wee one
  • Absolute brilliant breath-ability concept so you wont have any unwanted rashes. Major PLUS+

 Nifty Nappy's Heavy Doody Diaper 
( Seriously Awesome )

The Heavy Doody diaper is designed to work for that really super heavy wetter that nothing else works for, not even the Nifty Nappy fitted or pocket which are super absorbent diapers and work for virtually everyone. The Heavy Doody diaper is designed to be worn with a cover. If paired with a wool cover for more protection these will keep PJ’s and sheets dry. What this diaper lacks in fun print cutey fabrics, it redeems itself with functionality & absorbency!

Heavy Doody Facts: 
  • 2 layers of Hemp fleece for max absorbency
  • Amazingly trim
  • All natural materials
  • Nifty Nappy's signature hidden elastic for ultimate containment & comfort
  • One size fits all and will customize for babies & toddlers
  • breathable to prevent diaper rashes 
  •  Pair this diaper with a Nifty Nappy Woolie and deem it BULLET PROOF!

Looking for a 100% Organic Option?  Then Nifty Nappy's Organic Fitted is for you!

By using Nifty Nappy's Organic Fitted diaper you are putting the utmost natural products on your babies bottom. Vilate has again created a masterpiece diaper, with all the same components of her regular fitted and pockets except this Organic diaper is comprised of only Organic Natural Products!

Organic Fitted Facts:
  • Nifty Nappy's signature hidden elastics for ultimate containment & comfort 
  • Made with all Organic Fabrics
  • One size fits all, easily customized for your wee bub to toddler age!
  • Breathable to prevent diaper rashes
  • Pair this diaper with a Nifty Nappy Woolie and deem it BULLET PROOF!  

Nifty Nappy Wool's

Nifty Nappy only uses up cycled wool sweaters with a minimum of 80% wool content so each cover is original and by doing this helps keep the price down and provides a green alternative by recycling otherwise perfectly fine sweaters!

When you think of a wool cover what comes to mind?  I"ll tell you what comes to my mind:  Adorable, Leak Proof, Functional, Easy to use, and SELF-CLEANING!!! LOVE THEM!

Whether your looking for a Woolie Cover, A Pair of Woolie Longies, Woolie Soakers or even a customized Woolie made to fit your bub to perfection Nifty Nappy has it all and can do it all!

Woolie Facts: 
  • Two Wool layers for double the protection!
  • Inner layer is made of a buttery soft 100% Organic Wool Interlock
  • Hidden elastic for ultimate comfort & containment
  • Overlapping front snap for the perfect custom fit every time!
  • One size fits all from wee baby to toddlers!
  • Easy to use & self cleaning ( NEED I SAY MORE?)
  • Nifty Knickers pull ups are economic and a great replacement for pj's and pants!
  • No one will have the same Nifty Nappy Woolie that you do!
  • Nifty Nappy Weensie Woolie is the perfect Diaper Cover for your newborn!  Pair it with a Bitty Bum for nights and your baby's bottom is ventilated perfectly! Available in a set of 2. Fit up to 15 lbs
What's stopping you from trying out a Nifty Nappy Woolie? Nothing.  Affordable, cute and absolutely functional = what are you waiting for?

Caring for your Nifty Nappy's :

Where can you buy Nifty Nappy's?  
 Eebie Baby can custom order any Nifty Nappy Products you would like, so please contact us at to inquire!  For reference of all products please visit

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