November 6, 2010


Hi you guys! Some very exciting Review Posts coming up!!!!

1.  A supporter of & has a REVIEW SUBMISSION coming to us for the " OCEAN WONDERS AQUARIUM " The model to the right may not be the exact picture, however she will have pictures of her model in the REVIEW POST!
Very very exciting!  Expect to see that in the upcoming weeks.

2. Our prefold demonstration is up on our youtube !!!

3. I am very very very excited to announce another Review coming before Dec.1 2010, here's a sneak peak.
<---- What's the review about you wonder?? Hmmmm????
Well, it could be about cute onesie's...  It could be about a line of pants. It could be about that very beautiful hardwood flooring. could be about belts.  I encourage you to check back by the end of the month because I am certain you are going to love what you see!!

I also want to Thank Kim for allowing me to post this picture!
***** Review will be posted by Sunday November 21 2010*****


I am absolutely holding my breath right now, trying to not explode with anticipation because we are getting closer to having our shipment in the mail of fuzzi bunz, sweet pea in a pods and knicker nappies. As soon as those come in I will be testing them out diligently for a few weeks and then giving you guys a nice solid REVIEW on each.

Super exciting news:

You are now supporting and subscribing to a registered business owner in Canada.  I have been accepted into a handful of suppliers ( fuzzi bunz, happy heiny's, mother-ease, all-together-baby, and a few others).  I am working very hard to get the website up & running with these products listed available as our stock is starting to come in full force and its time to get a move on! I have been very blessed in this journey thus far, and hope to continue to have such success.  We have a unique line of items that we will be featuring after the initial grand opening of the webstore/site, so keep a look-out for my opening status & info.  :-)


*** If you are interested in having Eebie Baby Review any of your products, please use the CONTACT email to communicate with us, Thank You ***

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