December 19, 2010


I recently had the chance to meet someone very special and have her share her unique home-made talents with me and I would like to introduce y'all to her!
Please say Hi to: 
  Ashlee A.K.A  The Green Goose !! 

The Eebie Interview:

Q: Where do you live in this big ole world? 
A: My family and I live in a small rural town in Northern Texas 

Q: Where do these natural products and idea's stem from? 
A: I began making my products because my husband and I strive to replace disposable things in our life, with reusable options. the more sustainable we are, the better :D I love to craft, and decided to see what I could knock out on my own.. and once I got going,I thought,maybe if I offered them at a reasonable price and they were more affordable, I could help more families find their way to a greener life.

Q: I am now very keen to find out, what is it that you make???
A: I make ( Dryer Balls, Soap Socks, Knit Bows, Knit Baby Blocks, Ouchie Bags that are heat/cold therapy bags, Booger Busters that are a washable Minky Fabric for sore noses, Knit Scrubbies, and Jute Rugs)  

Q: Do you make scented Dryer Balls?
A: My dryer balls have a plethora of available scents! For long term scents I use dried lavender, jasmine, orange peel, and cedar. For short term scents I offer amber romance, rock candy, vanilla blossoms and lavender blossoms! My Ouchie Bags have the option of being scented. they have all the same scents available as the long term dryer balls.

Q: Any new projects and/or products coming out?
A: In the next year, look for chalk mats, awesome felted goodies, reusable dryer sheets, more baby items, and wool longies! I also hope to learn to make goats milk soap.  

Ashlee also shared with me a fantastic website for 'Going Green''.  Her family embarked on a " GO GREEN" adventure and this past summer decided to finally take the " GO GREEN PLEDGE" and it sounds like I have a lot of work to do compared to them :)  There are a gazillion Wahm's with hand made products to view and purchase, as well as personal stories and a lot of very wise women & families on there!  I know what your thinking: " Hand-Made? I am not interested in wearing knit pants and sweaters the rest of my life".  I am here to tell you its not like that.  The Hand-Made industry can make anything you can purchase from any store, the difference is they are doing their best to be green with their choices, every stitch and cut is made with love and care, and you are not feeding a factory manufacturer and instead feeding someone who loved and cared for every inch of your item!  Think about that one.  :)  The website is called: and its worth taking a peak, even to just go and browse the shop links!!

May I just add that Minky is one of my favourite fabrics and I literally have been known to drool over it and I cannot even describe what a Minky Booger Buster would feel like against my nose!  All I keep thinking is I HAVE TO TRY THESE!!!!  And so do you!  Perhaps you might want to stay tuned in the first few days of the New Year to see what is coming next :)

Ways to contact The Green Goose A.K.A : Ashlee

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