December 1, 2010

Eebie Updates

Hi Everyone, it's a BRRRRRRRRR - 18 right now here in Alberta, Canada!!!
We have lots to talk about today folks, so get comfortable!! 
First, I need to point out I am writing with a lot of distractions around me.  I have a toddler who has decided that nap time is for babies, and he is a big boy now!  Help!  I am listening to him crashing around playing in his room. I have been waiting to share this story that involves our son that happened to us the other day, so here goes:
The other morning I went in to 'let him out of his room' (he stays in until I get him because the door doesn't open properly THANK GOODNESS, A blessing in disguise I admit!).  I opened the door to him saying "uh oh, uh oh" and GASP the entire floor is covered in greenish/white stuffing.  Stuffing? Yes, stuffing, like out of a toy or a cushion or pillow etc., etc.,  I will warn you, this is where it gets sad.  With tears brimming I asked him where Crockie is.  He said "uh oh" and walked out.  To explain, Crockie is my beloved stuffed crocodile that has made it through some long years with me and when our son fell in love with him for bed time I gave in. Mistake?  So, I cleaned up everything whilst my son played with the Christmas tree and I then began my search for the body of Crockie.  Our 'Lil guy's room is tiny, it's half empty due to his destructor nature, and it shouldn't have been this hard to find the body.  But I couldn't find it.  I even resorted to looking in his boots, his jacket pockets, and I even moved his bed.  No Crockie!  After 30 minutes of this, my husband came in and gave a look, I was sure I was missing it because of my upset.  No Crockie.  By this time I admit, I was sulking, and I'd already decided I would put him back together in whatever way I could.  I was very upset and trying to cover it up, but I'd just lost my little pal that I'd had for years and I was trying to adjust to that.  A few hours later my husband asked my son "WHERE IS CROCKIE"? And do you know what our 'Lil guy went and did?  He marched straight out to the back hall, got up on the laundry basket that was upside down and he opened the dryer and pulled Crockie out of the dryer.  *** This folks was quite a triumphant, amazing moment in our household***  I squealed, I laughed, I thanked my son for not destroying Crockie as he joined in with some fake laughing and big hugs to me.  My husband stood there with his jaw open, no kidding.  The facts are folks, Crockie got pee'd on the day before & he was thrown in the wash and dryer and was forgotten about along with some other clothing and my son remembered where he saw him last (he likes to help with washing & drying).  AMAZING!! The truth of the matter is, it very well could have been Crockie since my son destroys everything, but fate had other plans, instead he was pee'd on and kept out of harm's way- Aint Life Grand?  :-)
  • My KnickerNappie REVIEW is half done.  This is a very personal Review for me because KnickerNappie's are my absolute favourite brand of cloth diaper of all time and I doubt anyone can make me change my mind.  The issue I am having is making it incredibly personal because I keep gushing about how much I love the diaper and that can potentially be distracting.  I hope to have this REVIEW posted in a week!  Keep checking back, you don't want to miss it!
  • Our Facebook Page Give-Away is for 250 Likes.  As soon as we get there a Fuzzi Bunz Perfect Size will be given to one lucky Fan.  
  • Our December Give-Away here on the blog ends Dec.10th and anyone can enter. 
  • Eebie Baby website is still under construction, however we have product available if you need something, just email us at
  • Our Christmas Tree is up as of 4 days ago, and it is the most beautiful, soothing atmosphere here in our living room, my son is enthralled with it and has to turn the lights on as soon as he gets up.  Beautiful time of year! 
----- I hear Lego flying around, crashing and banging, and I am sure I just heard a zipper of some sort.-----
What are your Christmas Plans?  What family traditions do you & your family do? 
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