February 9, 2011

If I had known 2 months ago I was going to be writing this, I’d have done absolutely nothing different! 
Hi everyone! Having a good second week of February?  I hope so!  I thought long and hard about what to say, and realized that much of what your going to read here is my rambles of love and adoration for one special woman & her business. I find myself incredibly emotional (with good reason) to write this blog post, and my only hope for this post is that I can clearly show how I really feel.

Vilate.  A household name.  We shortened it to ‘V’ because well.... why not? My husband asks daily  ‘ Did you speak to Vilate today ‘.  He asks how she is doing and how the weather is at her house.  I thought it was just me who adored her, her personality, and her business but it turns out my husband has quite the soft spot for this special lady.  
You see, I met Vilate only mere months ago, and that is thanks to Melissa who told me to jot her a line because she had fantastic diapers. I was Vilate’s newest retailer and had not even had the chance to break in my role when the announcement was being made they were closing. 

Everyone was raving about these diapers.  But what was so special about them? What made them what they are? I.Had.No.Idea. until I saw those diapers for the first time!  And then I.Had.No.Idea until I felt one of those diapers for the first time!  And I.Had.No.Idea until I USED one of those diapers for the first time how special they really were.  I am not making this up!  
Today is the day that marks the end of Nifty Nappy diapers for the time being.  I think we all keep secretly hoping there will be another way ( I know I do), and I think we will just have to wait and see.  You never do know what can happen and I know Vilate loves her diapers and her fans & customers, and retailers to pieces and she wants to do what is right for all of us, her business & her family.  
So today, I want to thank Vilate and her Nifty Nappy’s.  I want to pay tribute to Vilate  & her diapers together with the following words:
Vilate & Nifty Nappy’s Fitteds, you are soo: Soft, Snugly, Kind, Absorbent, Perfect Fit, Creative, Cute, Special, Magical, And everything in between.  
Thank you Vilate for providing support, attention, creativity, compassion, fun & for adding more to everyone’s lives with not only your wonderful personality but with your brilliant MAGICAL diapers!  And THANK YOU to her husband for spending hours every night snapping next to her, and to her children and family, for allowing her the moments to create such magic.

From my house to yours I wish you the best in all your future endeavors and I cannot wait to see what is next in your chapter.
~ signing off
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SAPsMaMa said...

Awn, this is so special! I wish I had thought something like this! But of course it was you who did :) Wonderful. I am very glad you met her too! I like to tell everyone I can about her diapers! lol