February 7, 2011

February 7 2011. What? We are already through our first week of February? How can this be!!!!??!!
I don't know how you guys feel, but time is just flying, I feel a deep sense of insecurity quite often lately when I take a moment to notice that another day has slipped by. 

I often find myself lost in deep inner thought, wondering ' Did I make the most of my day today? '.  Of course, its safe to say I don't get lost too long, or else I may never come back to the real world lol.  

Our son is 2.5. An angel of perfection given to us.  All my hopes & dreams lay behind those baby blue's and all I ever want is to make each moment count with him and for him.  So I think my worry stems from the fact that IT IS JUST GOING BY TOO FAST!  

I remember when our 'lil guy was starting solids. Oi ! Want to talk about a mama having issues?  That would be me.  It's not quite what you may be thinking though...or maybe it is.  I made all his baby food, and it was the hardest thing I had to do at that time, I felt like I could not get through it.  My baby was growing up too fast and for some reason I, as a mother had to get over the hurdle of him eating baby food.  Odd? Maybe. Someone out there MUST have had those feelings before?  Somebody? Anybody?  It never changed my level of care, he got to eat all those fun new home-made baby foods and life was grand and he was growing. BUT,  inside a piece of me had to let go and jump that brick wall.  I believe I may have ran head first into it a few times, but after about 2 months I managed to get over and really I have never had that problem again

Why am I writing all this?  Because it is 4:31 am and I have not gone to bed yet, and I am reminiscing. Here is our 'lil guy at a mere 12 hours old.

Beyond Perfect! I remember us being amused seeing this picture after because it appeared like he had a receding hair line, when in fact the flash just took away all the blond hair he had up there.  And yes, he has beautiful strawberry highlights...He got his red hair honestly, and his pasty white complexion even more honestly :)

Moving on..............................
The business side of things is a whirl wind of fun and excitement every day!  I am not a Facebook person.  I used it to keep in touch with family because we are across the country from everyone, and I never dreamed I would be living on it daily with my own business page and fan following.  The support is amazing, I cant say enough how much I appreciate you guys being there, walking through Eebie Baby's first steps.

A wise person once told me ' You can walk through life on your own, or you can walk through life with everyone surrounding you, because either way THEY are what makes this life ' . You can take that for what you will.  I use that phrase as a remembrance to reach out, I also keep it in the back of my mind when there is someone walking in my life with me that needs to walk alone for awhile :) hehe.

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Without further ado, I will now announce the winner of the:
Nifty Nappy Growing Up Green, Nifty Knickers (A.K.A Longies) 

The winner is... DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!!!!!


Just a reminder that the winner may be required to pay some or all of the shipping costs depending on their location (this has been stated in previous status posts on our business page and it is also listed in the photo section under the Nifty Nappy Give-Away for a month or more)  *** Please contact me at customer.service@eebiebaby.com, Thank You ***

Thank you to everyone who participated.  I will never be able to repeat myself enough how thankful I am that you are walking this walk with us here at Eebie Baby.com ~ THANK YOU

Signing Off
~ Rachael @ Eebie Baby.com

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Kelsey said...

Rachael I know exactly how you feel time definitely goes by way to fast.